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Beanie Up helps to support thousands of stroke survivors...and their families too!

There are five awesome new beanie styles to choose from this year – from just $10 (plus postage) – and two come in both adults’ and kids’ sizes. 

In 2020, Beanie Up raised over $250,000. Our goal this year is to sell 15,500 beanies – raising $348,000! – which will enable us to enhance our current support services, employ extra Community Stroke Advisors, and significantly increase the number of hours of support we offer, to meet the growing need. Every beanie sold gets us closer to that goal!

One New Zealander experiences a stroke every 45 minutes. The Stroke Foundation responded to over 5,500 stroke survivors in the last year. With the number of strokes projected to increase by 40% in the next decade, the need for our support will only increase and we want to continue to be there for everyone who needs us.

85% of the income required to run the Stroke Foundation comes from fundraising. So let's Beanie Up to support stroke survivors!

Thank you for your generosity and support.

‘I experienced a stroke at just 31 years old. I had a mini stroke while playing indoor netball, before experiencing a major stroke during the night, which left me with severe physical disabilities. The Stroke Foundation’s Community Stroke Advisor was with me every step of the way, helping me throughout recovery. I now coach the Waitakere City Netball team who all purchased a beanie to support the cause in 2020!’ 

Natalie, stroke survivor

‘My mother experienced a stroke three years ago and it’s had a major impact on her, and our family's lives. My brother saw Beanie Up and it was his idea to get beanies and support those who have been affected by stroke. We bought beanies for all our staff! This is an incredibly valuable initiative – we understand the importance of having that support.’

Jacinta Robertson, co-manager at Allproof Industries

‘After the loss of our father due to a stroke in 2017 we were researching a charity that we could volunteer our time for, which shared our important values for prevention of stroke and recovering from stroke. We were fortunate enough to discover the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand – what a great foundation to be a part of! This is our third year helping with the sales of beanies for the Beanie Up Campaign and we just love being involved and volunteering each year.’

Larrissa & Caprice