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Community Stroke Advisors

We have 28 Community Stroke Advisors (CSAs) working across the country, responding to 5,500 stroke survivors.

CSAs work with stroke survivors, their whānau and carers to achieve the best possible outcomes after stroke. They provide everything from education, goal setting and advocacy to encouragement, empowerment, and emotional support.

Some of the most critical support includes providing information and advice to build knowledge and skills; liaising with stroke clubs, community and recreational groups; and networking in the community to ensure stroke survivors, along with their family and/or carers, are getting the right services. 

Our goal is to significantly enhance our current support services, employ extra CSAs, and significantly increase the number of hours of support we offer, to meet the growing need.

With the number of strokes predicted to increase by 40% in the next decade, the need for our support will increase and we want to continue to be there for everyone who needs us.

Key CSA Outcomes:


The number of stroke survivors we responded to in the last year.


New stroke survivors referred to the Stroke Foundation every day.


Hours of support provided to stroke survivors and their family / whānau and carers.


CSAs working across the country.